Special Recommendations

All the following dishes served with Navratan Pilau Rice.

Clay Pot Chicken£6.95

Tender boneless, spring chicken roasted in a clay oven and cooked in chef’s special Bhoona sauce.

Relish Chicken£6.95

Prepared with a special blend on massala pieces of chicken cooked in special coriander relish sauce with a touch of garlic and ginger. Medium hot.

Chicken and Mutton Stir-Fried£6.95

A typical Hyderabadi style chicken mutton, stir-fried with sweetcorn, bay leaf and cinnamon.

Soresha Massala£6.95

Spring chicken cooked with mustard seeds and green chillies.

Tandoori Chicken Chana Palak£6.95

Tandoori chicken cooked with fresh spinach, chick peas and selected spices.

Chicken Dangoli£6.95

Spring chicken cooked cashew nuts, fresh cream & banana (mild).

Tandoori King Prawn Roast Potato Bhoona£8.50

King prawn marinated with herbs and spices, cooked on skewers in a clay oven and cooked with baby roast potato, onion, pepper, herbs and spices.

Murg Shaslick Massala£6.95

Boneless spring chicken cooked with a variety of herbs, spices, capsicum, onion, tomatoes and soya sauce. Medium hot.

Murg Keema Asari£6.95

Boneless spring chicken cooked with minced meat and lime. Medium hot.

Lamb Chop Chilli Fry£8.50

Tender lamb marinated in corn flour and soya sauce, stir-fried with fresh green chillies, onions and peppers.